Sunday, June 6, 2010


9th mei 2010

KL - IPOH 250 KM away~

this is the day that im waiting for.... actually aku nk pg dgn mahira n munirah but then hv to change plan coz there is lots of troublesm... so liyana and hanan gonna take their place... a day b4 the trip liyana suddenly received an emgency call .. she hs been told to work on 29th :'(

im gonna say this was a longest journey ever but the road is never to long between friends :) so we started our journey at 8:30am and we manage to arrive at 11:20 in ipoh... we gt sesat for about 20 min to find way to lumut.. owh2 fogot tu tell u guys.. the reason why im here is bcoz i want to meet SOMEONE VERY SPACIAL

here we are...IPOH baby!!!!!

nampak je sign IPOH... we all jerittttt bagai nk gila walau mmg GILA... :p i never thought that i manage to drive all the way by my own.. so teros la aku call my mum and shauqie yg aku n hanan da pon safe sampai.... call shauqie ask for direction to UTP... miahahaha dier pon xsure!!! LOL! dier kate carik ye sign to LUMUT.. then go stright then smpai la.. so kitorng carik la... da jumpe.. ape lg MENJERIT HAPPY laa...then jaaaalan je x tgk sign board yeaaaaah kitorng sesat ipoh sbb terlebih confident kannn.... hahaa jalan2 tny apek nek moto... punya la dier beria2 bg direction smpai berkali2 moto dier mati.. tp sori la pek gua xpaham la ape u ckp...haha pusing2 jumpe sorng indian ni.. tgk dier taxi driver so yakin skit... tny2 haaaaa jumpe pon.. thanks uncle u help us tibe2 alot..... afta 30mins driving.. here we are.......


finally made it!!!! clap!! fatch up mr shauqie.... btw i do love the price of the foods.. they are CHEEP!!!! total for 2 juice and 1 mee soup equal to rm5.30... WOW!! murahkan!!! but waiting the food to be served its just like 30mins... lambat2... smpat la kalau nk tido jap... tgk drama 30 mins tu ke kan... hehe nvm... afta lunch we all teros je off to lumut.... kitorng i mean me and shauqie nk g pangkor together..weeee~

ssh betol nk swoh syg ni pose betol2....

afta friday prayer..... again we off to lumut.. so me and my fren stay @ lumut dear betol2 infront of jetii... awsome babe!.... shauqie is not allowed thats for sure :P i never been there.. i mean pangkor before... hurmm thats y im so excited to go to pangkor...


me n him pg pangkor together...we are having so much fun kn sayang???? im happy wif u that that hope to go there again.... dating kat UTP je pon xpe :P....but lupe nk chapcha picture... sedih2.. n plus both of us LEMAS ombak so so strong!!! im so fobia that time..las2 main pasir dgn those kiddies...age around 6-8 sarah and hafizi... hehehehe tgk2 anak staff UTP lg TERBAIK Wok!!8:30 = jeti sudah smpai i got really tired (coz of that ombak2 or shud i say DRoWNING) kehkeh!! maseh lg dating2 dlm feri hahaha. then we meet hanan back.. and we'r hving dinner dekat jeti.. wahh sedapppp!! THANKS SAYANG BELANJA!!!!

11:00 its time to send shauqie back to his uni.... im very tired evryone ask me to change place.. biar dorng la drive.. but i refused.. da smpai je sana... shauqie bwk jalan2... cantik sgt UTP WAKKKKK... tp sy tgh penat x dpt nk express kn yg sy suke.... sory syg buat u down ... lepas je anta shauqie last2 i tuka wif my fren... fyi my fren pny license da expired b..ut coz i p...enat sgt2 i bg je la... dier drive sooooooooo laju but i just dont gv a damn coz im so exhausted.... n plus she's on phone... gila punya olang!! hahaha thats not the end yet.....the best part of my story is....all of sudden ada ROAD BLOCK......!!!! my fren throw away her phone at the back....ahaaha it was so so funny ya noe... but still kne tahan wif that PAK POLISI....OH-EMM-GEE!!!!! i was like " babe2 what shud we doooooo" my fren said "exchange" i was like.."what??????? gile ke polis kat belakang la gila!!" all of sudden i teringt.. "hey2 we have quite similer face rite.... use my ic n license" GREAT!!! i give my ic... then.. eh2 where did i put my license??? haahhha...ha GELABAH babe!!! atlastttt... See More.... license HERE U GO!!! ada pon... abg polis xperasan and he dont even look at our face clearly..."awk xsedar ke awak drive laju? nk kwnsan kg ni bukan high way" my fren says "sory bang kitorng xsedar kitorng da smpai lumut... ingt high way KL lg" what a stupid answer.. hahahhaa but still we all manage to drive without SAMAN!!!


8:30 me and hanan siap2 nk jalan2 pg pangkor... wahhhh bestny kite duaaa jee... bile smpai ingtkn xpayah la sewa moto ke ape an... ingt jalan je da bole smpai tp.... ni je kitorng smpai

kawasan perkanpungan.... so kite jalan2 je la.... ermm siap beli mcm2 lg kat sana.... this is few pitcure of us

im having fun wif u dear gurl... thanks coz compny me to perak love u so much!!!! muahhhh..!!! we promise shauqie to come to utp at 12pm.. tp xsngke we all shopping kat lumut smpai lupe nk tgk jam... sory syg.. hahahha.... smpai je utp.... shauqie nk bawak we all to one of the most famous place to eat... i dont remember the stall name but the was quite great.... similiar like briani but its name is NASI GANJA.....uuhh~ its not ganja thats for sure :D

and its time to go back to KUALA LUMPUR!!!!!! 250KM back yooo~!! i have so much fun... the rain was like cats and dog.... i cnt drive that 140km/hour fast... so i just drive 120km/hour... ok la tu kn :P tp lmbt sket smpai... once we all smpai... i drop hanan back to her house and then i teman my hubby baby shauqie to buy his ticket to tganu.... im so sad to say goodbye to him... BABY I MISS U!!


to shauqie... thanks and thanks for everything... i love u so much... hope that we cn be together forever.... u are really sweet sayang.... XOXO!!!!

♥♥ SHAUQIE!!!!

Monday, May 31, 2010

from within

2nd june 2010

Take away the oceans

take away the seas

take away the sunshine

take away the trees

Take away the rosebuds

that bloom in spring

take all the blossoms

all I'm asking is one thing

Please leave my baby

please leave her for me

I don't care for the oceans

I don't care for the seas

I can do without blue skies

or flowering trees

But I can't do without my baby

so please leave her for me

Nature has beauty, nature has its place

but when I look into my baby's face

I lose all sense of judgement, I lose my regard

to think only of nature somehow seems so hard

So take away your oceans

take away your seas

take away your rosebuds

all I'm asking is one thing

Please leave my baby

please leave her for me

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

i miss u sayang

where are u.... syg! why u didnt reply my msg? sy buat salah ape awak? awak.. i really miss u... kenapa tibe2 mcm ni? awakkk.. plz tell me.. dont u noe how much i love u? i noe u do... plzzzz.. apa salah sy.. awak if awak marah sy.. just bg taw awak.... like u dont noe me.... we share evrtyhing together... are u trying to avoid me? if u do then tell me.. just tell me... dont do this to me... plz...........

Thursday, February 11, 2010


I got uR baCk. You goT mine,

I'll hElp u oUt. AnyTime!

To see u huRt, to see u cRy

MaKe me WeEp, and WaNna diE.

And if u Agree to NeveR FigHt.

iT wouLdN't matTer, Who's wRong or RighT.

If A broKen heart, Needs a mend.

i'll be Right TherE, TilL tHe END..

iF Ur cheeks ArE wet, From dRops Of teaRs,

Dont Worry, Let go oF Your FeaRs.

Hend in Hend, Love is sent

we'll be besties..... Till ThE eND!!!!

aku terkilan

12 Feb 10
*sy terkilan *

terkilan.. sungguh terkilan hati ini.... aku sedih meratapi naseb... aku xsangke selama ni ape yg aku buat , aku tolong adalah kepada org yg salah.. kekesalan dlm hidop ini terlalu dalam.... sahabat... itu la ungkapa yg aku berikn... kerana bg aku sahabat itu merupakn tulang2 yg membantu... tp ape yg aku dpt? ye aku bru sedar... ramai yg da bg taw... ramai da ckp "aina bukak mata ainaaa...dorng tu nk guna kn u je" aku ttp jgk aku sedaya upaya mengmabil itu sebagai positif.... mungkin dorng itu, mungkin dorng ini... alasan, pelbagai alasan aku bg utk membetolkn salah faham .... tp~aku betol2 terkilan.... sgt2 terkilan... tambah pula dgn penyalahgunaan facebook dan cara layanan yg bg aku kurang ajar itu betol2 buat aku terkilan.... aku xmarah, betol aku x marah tp aku TERKILAN, sedih dgn sikap sesetengah manusia yg x BERTERIMA KASIH.... terima kasih itu adalah bende kecik bg sesetgh org... tp walau seMEGA mana pon org itu bantu, ayat itu sudah cukup utk dier rase dier dihargai.... terkilan.... terus terkilan~ tibe2 aku taw plak cerita yg org kata aku umpat dier??? for god sake aku x pernah mengumpat dier.... even burukan dier... just aku pernah meluahkn kurng senang aku kepada seorang yg aku anggap kwn juga... dier sorng je.. kenapa ? sbb dier pon terasa dgn ape yg berlaku.... aku rase semua org mcm 2....! ada org ckp "FRENS COME N GO" yes tu hnya utk fair wather frens.... somehow kte kne jgk carik kwn yg terbaik kn??? wahai kwn~ kalo betol aku nk malukn kau.... aib kau sudah tentu aku ceritakn.... cerita itu ini yg ko harap ia menjadi rahsia maseh ada dlm hati ini.. aku x pernah buka pekung... ko kate aku malu kwn dgn kau???? kalo la betol kn... xkn aku snggop tolong kau??? mcm2 babe!!! i do lots... but shud i tell evrybody in this world??????? bantuan aku selama ini kau anggap remeh ke??? layanan aku dgn korng mcm RUBBISH KE????? sdihny~ DISINI SY MENGAMBIL KESEMPATAN UTK MEMINTA MAAF....










Monday, January 11, 2010

a day as i walk in

11th january 2010

ermm ingt kn xdpt la nk on9 kn... tup2 kwn2 ku membw brodband... ape lg.... pinjam2 la... nget! memandang kn we all (me n myra) pny dprtment dpt keje halfday.. on9 la kojap... mlm kang ingt nk g alamandaaa... nk tgk brg2 ape yg bole di bolii.... eh2 bukan nk cite pasal ni pon... nk cite pasal semalam... ermm aku da jnji dgn org tu nk jumpe (tuan rumah) itu gini dah mcm2 jd.. akhirny jumpe jugekk.. sewa rumah mase aku kol 2 rm700... rse mcm murah je... ingt bosa.. tgk2.. mak aii master bdroom pon xde?? waddehek betol.. ahahahaa... gaya mcm rumah flat2 gitu... what rm700??? mahal gak la... adoii so terpakse la kami semua ddk juge... alaaa 3 bulan jeee GASAK! ok sudah pon msk2 kemas2... gitu gini.. sudah malam... mana la si MYRA ni... kate kol 3.30 tup2 smpai kol 10??? ahahha kuketokkepalamujua!!!! anugrah juara lagu yg konon2 ny nk tgk jd x tgk... coz aku pon mcm da penat golek2 je kat tilam!! (xkn nk bwk katil kn?) mmg kosong je bilik aku ni.. pttny bilik ni dikongsi bersama sheril.. tp dier msk next month kot... ermm mlm td la aku paling saaakit aty skali!!! mcm $#*%#@!!!!!!!! ada serangga (tataw nama) dier geget aku.. bnyk kot... da la tuh.. ada plak tah kete sape tah berbunyi2 toing toing toing dr kol 12 smpai kol 3 4 tah.. kaung ajo betoll... aku dgn perasaan yg sgt geram aku teros je bgn dgan rambot yg kembang ahahahahaha burok kot (smpat tgk cermin) aku pg bukak lampooo aku teros cekedaoud aku tgk natang aram 2 kecik2 ada besar2 ade.. bile aku picit!!!! kuar darah!! dem betoll... da la bunyi bising kete kat luar 2 mcm xley blahkn.... las2 kol 3 gak aku tdooo... ceh!! pas 2 terjaga dr tidoo sbb tah bunyi2 budak2 len da bgn.. tong tang teng sume ada laaa... sigh~ aku tgk jam kol 6.50... soki2 x kejot kn.... !!!!! hahahaha... aku kuar2 tgk2 sume da stok2 da mandi... myra cuci2 muke.. ok!! aku lmbat.. tp aku la yg siap duluuu HEBAT!! tp overall ok la kat sini.. the place that we stay was ok... n plce utk keje pon lawaa.... ku ok sajaa

Saturday, January 9, 2010

again i love u

love u in January

how does it feel when this cud happened ??? i just dont understand.... but i really in love wif u.. and i hope this gona b forever.... ur the only precious thing i ever have ... ur the only person that really noe me...understnd me and u noe how to control me... even 100 over men come to me... that person would not be like u... as i told u b4.. u are diffrent.. but i noe i av to take RISK to love u.. i been all my life n i find u... n i think im fall for u... i spent all my time n i just cnt stop thinking of u i think i falling for u syg! i wnt u walk around me!! i need ur shoulder for me to cry wif so lend me ur sholder... i want ur leg to walk wif me... so pls lend me ur leg.. syg u noe me , and u noe how much i love u... trust me .. i really love u... there is no other guy. pls dont make me cry... coz i will cry only on ur shoulder.
i dont want to leave u syg.. im sorry coz im ruin our yesterday's convrsation.... i just doubt! i noe im not spposed to.. its really painful!!! but somehow i wanna noe how u really feel towards me... n yes.. i want to hang out wif u again... u told me that u feel really cmfortable wif me... im fell the same too... u told me u having fun wif me... same goes to me... n thanks coz always be wif me syg....
wif love

my lastday here in KL

10 jan 2010

as u guys read my post, i myb not in KL anymore... im feeling so so so sad!! i av to go to CYBERJAYA ... yeah most of ppl said that cyber is not that far from kl.. but i would not always be in KL... coz cuti x menentu.... kandang2 xde cuti.... kadang2 1 hari je... what cuti use for rite??? buat penat je drive pagy... if weekdays lg la i av to face that TRAFFIC!!! the best part is i just found a house for rent yesterday...S.E.M.A.L.A.M and my practical start T.O.M.R.R.O.W ahahaha lmbt? tu la... bnyk obsticle la~!!! itu la ini la... ramai yg marah coz im act like nothing happened but y shud i marah2??? tol x?? let it be... and let it be my lesson for next time!!! to SAUQIE jgn membebel laaaaaaaaaaaa!!! :P ahaha!!! dah settle pon!!
so i wanna say gud bye to everyone... family kuh, kitty2 syg!! siblings , frens... MY ROOM!!! missing evrybody berat je rase aty ni kn... tp redha kn je... just 3 month babeh!! to MISS MAISARAH im so so so sory coz xdpt dtg for ur wedding... im on my prctical miss... sumpah sy nk pg... to MISS HANA im sorry i cnt make it to ur project.. but i will snd my budak2 SIFE ok??

Friday, January 8, 2010

overnite wif MAHIRA DAHLAN

08 jan 2010

was the day that im waitin for.... to hang out wit one of my besties... she n mira are the only gfs that i guess that noe me well.. take care of me.... always there when i need them.. laugh as i make stupid joke n syg2 i noe u well too we shared everything together even our TOP secrets...
mahira,me n munirah
but yesterday mira xde.. sedih2~she @ melaka... so aira da plak balik ... ape lg.. jempot dier ajak dok kat bilik ku yg berwarna purple ituh... kitorng leypak2 atas katil... n stat la our convrsation... sesi meluahkn perasaan... probs wif friends, love, family n stuf.... ermm kite ni senasebkn syg? tp xpe... if people take us for grnted ke itu ke ini ke.. trust me ape yg kite buat ni sume ikhlas n kite akan dpt ape yg kite nk.. percaya la this is a part of life n we never noe whats hpen next.... bout love life.... pon we are facing the same probs... but u lg taugh la syg.... but do calm and cool taw.. .. u are the most sweetest person i ever met... if xde sape nk syg kamoo... or org buat mcm2... xpe.. just remember me n mira always love u n our love is pure come to our heart!!!!

i really2 love u guys.. sosososososososoo much!!! me love u!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

i love 07 jan 2010!!!!!

A DAY WIF U, MUHAMMAD SHAUQIE!!! 07th of jan 2010

5.30... i woke up SUMPAH awal!!!!!! then i go bathee n carik baju adoiiaiii.. baju ape yg nk pakai ni.... sume da dibasuhkah?? apakah? siapakah ? kne curikah??? argh!! pakai skirt la... owh2 this skirt is super duper clasic!! my mom bought it last 3 days..(x silap la) hehehe.... then @ 6.15am (if im not mistaken) i received his msg sys that he's alrdy sampai...... erm... me still siap... then turun2 my kitty mau mkn pulak..." meh syg i give u mkn k......" tup2.. its alrdy 6.45am.. owh nooo i btter go if not... i wil stuck in trfic!!!!! aahahaha hell yeah tarfic sudah semestiny di jalan meow2!! (jalan kucing)bt suprise2 no traffic in the middle of KL?????? wow!! (tepok2) but still im latekn syg?????...its all bcoz JALAN KUCING!!! pity2 si bobobotak tunggu mcm org ilang mak!! ahahaha.... im sorry for that!!! pas2 bole plak terlepas simpang msk KL... we gt sesat !!! ahahaha sana sini sana sini... "weyh2 mana ni" shauqie keep syin "rilek2" what rilek2 pak cikk oii!!! sesat ni....!!!! ahahaha.. then he keep confusing wif all jalan n high way.. somel nye awak ♥:P finally afta 40 min bergelot dgn jem... sampai ke KLMU la jwbny coz i wnt to meet myra and asked her bout that CYBERJAYA!!! suprise2 again... i met FAREEZ @ besment!!! wohooo afta few months bro!!! i ask shauqie to borak2 wif fareez 1st!! coz i nk jumpe my ngok ngek kojap... nolong2 sket ape yg patot kn~ sian dorng xsiap2 agy... then tot we all nk gerak dah but then fareez ask us to joined him.. alamak.... da rse mcm ada bd feelin ni... mesti ada ni... such as nk kne2 kn aku ke.. kn2.. pg jgk la.. mmg betol pon... argh!! ku malas nk layan!! korng mmg super hyper!!! so i drove my car to damansara... one utama sunyii weyh!!! pehal sunyi sgt??? owh myb bcoz its weekdays selaluny ada je org!! so we hang out sana sini mcm org xde arah!! pakse awak mkn eskem smpai abes!!! :P tgk movie!!! yg x best ny kne rushing balik!! huaaaaaa cepatny da nk kol 6... !! hurm!! amek gamba duloo..
ni mase tgh redah jem kat masjed jamekmekmek!!! selebet je dua2 pny muke :P

seriosly im havin fun wif u time u hv to stay here taw!!!!! i want to spent time wif u lg... @somewhere else!!
i give u LOTS OF ♥!!!!!!!!!

thanks to u dear~ i noe ur so exhausted...from terengganu-kl-perak!! but u willing 2 spnt time wif me.... sayang awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak!!!!!!I.M.Y.S.M!!

ainaa farhanah

Monday, January 4, 2010


mood: wondering

Excuse me.

Are you that person I'm looking for?

Excuse me.

Am I that person you're looking for?

Will you catch me as I fall down to the ground, as I would for you?

Will you wipe these unwanted tears away as I cry, as I would for you?

Will you always be there for me unconditionally, as I would for you?

Will you want to grow old with me, as I would for you?

Will you be truly faithful to me, as I would for you?

Will you undo these wounds and scars, as I would for you?

Excuse me...HELLO~!!!! ARE U THERE??
. ♥ainaa .

Saturday, January 2, 2010


memandang kn esk paper malaysian studies.. aku pon sememangny xdpt nk msk2 kat otak ni... hehee... cara pembelajaran aku ni laen sket coz aku suke berfantasi... owh well... pengaruh komik yg meluas~!!!! ahahahahahahhaa eyauuw~!! baru la bole nk ingt....(itu baru stdy smart..kot) selaluny aku akan tulis dlm paper... memandangkn aku sgt malas nk bgn pg stdy room...utk amek paper n pen... so mari aku apply kat sini je.... ok!!! TOTOP BUKUUU.... N~ MULA!!!!
(Atas fahaman sndiri)

sebelom korng bace... nk bg taw... subject ni dlm we all pakai bhse melayu laa mesti pelikn.. nape la subject ni dlm bhse melayu.. aku pon tataw kenapa... mungkin sbb "MALAYSIAN" kot.. so perlula memartabatkn bahasa



Bentuk Perlembagaan:

ia terbahagi kepada dua...

1. perlembagaan bertulis :

  • ia akan di kumpul dan di susun dalam satu surat
  • ia adalah kukuh dan xbole dipinda kecuali ia tercatat dlm perlembagaan bole pinda
  • parlimen bole mengumbal undang2 sekirany ia tidak bertentangan dgn kebebasan asasi
  • mahkamah bertujuan utk mentafsir undang2 serta melindungi pelembagaan

2. perlembagaan xbertulis:

  • ia tidak dikumpulkn didalam satu surat.
  • cth: akta parlimen & keputusan mahkamah
peruntukan utama dlm p'lmbagaan
  • K-kewarganegaraan: status istimewa dan dpt hak istimewa -> mengundi, msk plitik..bla3!
  • H-hak asasi: t'bhgi dlm 2 ktogri... kebebasan terhad & k. mutlak
  • A-agama: agama islam agama rasmi
  • Ba-bahasa: b.m merupakan bahasa utama
  • K-kedudukan istimewa: org melayu dan peribumi sabah serawak cth: pnjaman,bsiswa

ciri2 pelembagaan persekutuan

  • malaysia sebagai persekutuan
  • raja berpelembagaan
  • demokrasi berpalimen
  • agama islam -agama rasmi
  • bebas membuat undang2
  • pengsingan kuasa
  • ketinggian plmbagaan

(setelah khayal 20min dgn facebook)

procedures to amend the constitution (tetibe english plak?)
prosidur pindaan perlembagaan:

  • p'lmbagaan bole dipinda melalui proses pindaan di parlimen
  • pengubahsuaian diperlukan mengikut perkembngan semasa

-syarat2 utk membuat pindaan thdp pelambagaan persekutuan

  • mdpt persetujuan 2/3 dr ahli dlm dewan tnpa persetujuan luar
  • mmpunyai kepntingan terhdp sabah&serawak
  • perkara yg snsitif perlu la mendapatkn persetujuan raja2


kebudayaan dan adat resam


b.m adlah dr Bahasa Austonesia. yg terbahagi kpd 3...

  • smnanjung dan kepulauan msia: mlysia,indon,philipna & mdgascar.. HA?? MDGASCARRR??????

haaaaaaaaaaaaa???? erk!! aku xtaw!!!! ermm2.. xpe aku kne stdy lg part ni.....

Komposisi Dan Taburan Penduduk tataw la... ok next!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Masalah perpaduan Kaum

  • 13 mei 1969
  • punca utama: dasar pecah perintah" dr pihak british

masalah yg menjerumus kpd perpecahan:

  1. penempatan
  2. sektor ekonomi
  3. agama dan keprcayaa.... ape lg weyh???~
  4. pemahaman politik
  5. pemeritahan jepon
  6. pengunaan akhbar yg berbeza

usaha2 kerajaan utk memupuk perpaduan:

  • dasar pendidikan
  • dasar ekonomi baru (DEB)
  • majlis perundangan negara (MAPEN)
  • dasar kebudayaan

(explnation nnt aku bantai je la main pon itu penting bukan???? keh3)

peristiwa 13 mei ...aku rse la kn yg ni msk essay taw....

tp x pe la aku da buat research bagai nk gile... insyaallah aku bole buat tang ni...


Wawasan 2020

ermm.. yg ni aku xsure yg mana akan keluar... memandngkn note aku ni tah mana... so aku agak2 je la... td da gi umah akim... photostat ..rupe2ny 1 salah photostat..nk menapak ke rumah dier bukan da dokek... so redha je laaa~
bentuk cabaran yg harus di rialisasikan:
  • mwujudkn masyarakat yg berjiwa bebas
  • mwujudkn msyarakat yg adil ekonominy
  • mewujdkn msyarakat yg makmur
  • " " yg libral dan matang serta bebas mengamalkn adat dan menhormati agama...
  • " "yg bermoral dan beretika...

ermmm cukp la 5.. selaluny nk 5 je.... SUPAH DEN MALEH~!!!!!

Ainaa ... proses penghafalan maseh di tahap RENDAH!!!!! ESK EXAM!!!



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