Sunday, November 20, 2011

hey old fren....

i dont know why, but today i read someone's blog who used to be my bff... i dont know why that 'thing' happened n thats sucks... i cant stop crying time, last coz i felt so bad when she doing that to me... ape salah aku weyhhh? i was ur best fren... xpernah ada niat nk burukn kau... what is really happen? dont u know i really love u? dont u know i do really care bout u? kalau la aku ni jahat... i wont think bout u...dah makan ke dia, sehat ke dia? kalau aku hidup senang mcmne dia? u r the 1st person i care b4 me.. (i know u dont care but.. that is reality gurl) kecewa? yes ! i am... i felt so bad for what u did... ur prvios blog really makes me happy.. but then when it come to ur 2010 entry (if im not mistaken).... oooo yeah thats hurt so well mannnn..... i know i am nobody to you.. but why u treat me so bad after what i did... bukan niat di hati nk kau sembah kaki... just treat me as ur other fren... im not ur enemy gurl.. kalau x , xde la aku buat itu ini... u dont know.. n i wont tell... bia la aku tahu... time tu.... aina.. this innocent gurl are really sad, dispointed wif u girl... i am...yes i am... but u r still a fren that i used to love and care... when i read from 1 of ur entry u said that i am innocent.. yes i am.. but im not now... i am diffrent... i change thanks to u... u teach me to not trust ppl... but now i am quite arrogant coz i dont want fren as much as i hv b4...

love :

ainaa farhanah ur stupid ex-bestfren

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