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9th mei 2010

KL - IPOH 250 KM away~

this is the day that im waiting for.... actually aku nk pg dgn mahira n munirah but then hv to change plan coz there is lots of troublesm... so liyana and hanan gonna take their place... a day b4 the trip liyana suddenly received an emgency call .. she hs been told to work on 29th :'(

im gonna say this was a longest journey ever but the road is never to long between friends :) so we started our journey at 8:30am and we manage to arrive at 11:20 in ipoh... we gt sesat for about 20 min to find way to lumut.. owh2 fogot tu tell u guys.. the reason why im here is bcoz i want to meet SOMEONE VERY SPACIAL

here we are...IPOH baby!!!!!

nampak je sign IPOH... we all jerittttt bagai nk gila walau mmg GILA... :p i never thought that i manage to drive all the way by my own.. so teros la aku call my mum and shauqie yg aku n hanan da pon safe sampai.... call shauqie ask for direction to UTP... miahahaha dier pon xsure!!! LOL! dier kate carik ye sign to LUMUT.. then go stright then smpai la.. so kitorng carik la... da jumpe.. ape lg MENJERIT HAPPY laa...then jaaaalan je x tgk sign board yeaaaaah kitorng sesat ipoh sbb terlebih confident kannn.... hahaa jalan2 tny apek nek moto... punya la dier beria2 bg direction smpai berkali2 moto dier mati.. tp sori la pek gua xpaham la ape u ckp...haha pusing2 jumpe sorng indian ni.. tgk dier taxi driver so yakin skit... tny2 haaaaa jumpe pon.. thanks uncle u help us tibe2 alot..... afta 30mins driving.. here we are.......


finally made it!!!! clap!! fatch up mr shauqie.... btw i do love the price of the foods.. they are CHEEP!!!! total for 2 juice and 1 mee soup equal to rm5.30... WOW!! murahkan!!! but waiting the food to be served its just like 30mins... lambat2... smpat la kalau nk tido jap... tgk drama 30 mins tu ke kan... hehe nvm... afta lunch we all teros je off to lumut.... kitorng i mean me and shauqie nk g pangkor together..weeee~

ssh betol nk swoh syg ni pose betol2....

afta friday prayer..... again we off to lumut.. so me and my fren stay @ lumut dear betol2 infront of jetii... awsome babe!.... shauqie is not allowed thats for sure :P i never been there.. i mean pangkor before... hurmm thats y im so excited to go to pangkor...


me n him pg pangkor together...we are having so much fun kn sayang???? im happy wif u that that hope to go there again.... dating kat UTP je pon xpe :P....but lupe nk chapcha picture... sedih2.. n plus both of us LEMAS ombak so so strong!!! im so fobia that time..las2 main pasir dgn those kiddies...age around 6-8 sarah and hafizi... hehehehe tgk2 anak staff UTP lg TERBAIK Wok!!8:30 = jeti sudah smpai i got really tired (coz of that ombak2 or shud i say DRoWNING) kehkeh!! maseh lg dating2 dlm feri hahaha. then we meet hanan back.. and we'r hving dinner dekat jeti.. wahh sedapppp!! THANKS SAYANG BELANJA!!!!

11:00 its time to send shauqie back to his uni.... im very tired evryone ask me to change place.. biar dorng la drive.. but i refused.. da smpai je sana... shauqie bwk jalan2... cantik sgt UTP WAKKKKK... tp sy tgh penat x dpt nk express kn yg sy suke.... sory syg buat u down ... lepas je anta shauqie last2 i tuka wif my fren... fyi my fren pny license da expired b..ut coz i p...enat sgt2 i bg je la... dier drive sooooooooo laju but i just dont gv a damn coz im so exhausted.... n plus she's on phone... gila punya olang!! hahaha thats not the end yet.....the best part of my story is....all of sudden ada ROAD BLOCK......!!!! my fren throw away her phone at the back....ahaaha it was so so funny ya noe... but still kne tahan wif that PAK POLISI....OH-EMM-GEE!!!!! i was like " babe2 what shud we doooooo" my fren said "exchange" i was like.."what??????? gile ke polis kat belakang la gila!!" all of sudden i teringt.. "hey2 we have quite similer face rite.... use my ic n license" GREAT!!! i give my ic... then.. eh2 where did i put my license??? haahhha...ha GELABAH babe!!! atlastttt... See More.... license HERE U GO!!! ada pon... abg polis xperasan and he dont even look at our face clearly..."awk xsedar ke awak drive laju? nk kwnsan kg ni bukan high way" my fren says "sory bang kitorng xsedar kitorng da smpai lumut... ingt high way KL lg" what a stupid answer.. hahahhaa but still we all manage to drive without SAMAN!!!


8:30 me and hanan siap2 nk jalan2 pg pangkor... wahhhh bestny kite duaaa jee... bile smpai ingtkn xpayah la sewa moto ke ape an... ingt jalan je da bole smpai tp.... ni je kitorng smpai

kawasan perkanpungan.... so kite jalan2 je la.... ermm siap beli mcm2 lg kat sana.... this is few pitcure of us

im having fun wif u dear gurl... thanks coz compny me to perak love u so much!!!! muahhhh..!!! we promise shauqie to come to utp at 12pm.. tp xsngke we all shopping kat lumut smpai lupe nk tgk jam... sory syg.. hahahha.... smpai je utp.... shauqie nk bawak we all to one of the most famous place to eat... i dont remember the stall name but the was quite great.... similiar like briani but its name is NASI GANJA.....uuhh~ its not ganja thats for sure :D

and its time to go back to KUALA LUMPUR!!!!!! 250KM back yooo~!! i have so much fun... the rain was like cats and dog.... i cnt drive that 140km/hour fast... so i just drive 120km/hour... ok la tu kn :P tp lmbt sket smpai... once we all smpai... i drop hanan back to her house and then i teman my hubby baby shauqie to buy his ticket to tganu.... im so sad to say goodbye to him... BABY I MISS U!!


to shauqie... thanks and thanks for everything... i love u so much... hope that we cn be together forever.... u are really sweet sayang.... XOXO!!!!

♥♥ SHAUQIE!!!!

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