Tuesday, October 4, 2011


it seems like nobody caresssssssss .... i need kitten! i need babies... even though i hv cat and hamster.. but still i need kitten to look for... ok heres the story.. aku bru putus cinta kn? so aku rse its good for me to stop thinking of my ex-bf.... tp org xpahaammmmmmmmm! i go search everywhere... petfinder.com.. SPCA...PAWs... Semua xmenepati cita rasa.. well high taste tp xde duit... so kene la saba... no lah joking... actually i guess there are few cats are lucky to have a place to stay.. so what i was thinking is to just find any cat or kitten who is homeless to stay wif me... so guys out there if u have any kittens that u want to let go... dont throw them.. find someone like me... or mayb just go to SPCA..(ampang jaya) or PAWs (subang) they willing to give ur pets to stay wif them... n they will find ur pet a new family...

owh~ back to my story.... well i want kitten.. which is 1 month and belowwww.... dear god pls give me 1 kitten that are sooooooo sweet n naughty! :)

if i can find this kind of kitten.... arghhh!!!! i'll go insane!!!!

heyyy even stray cat pon cute tawww.... i even pernah jumpe persian kat kedai mkn... n now he is my bf! meeeow!

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