Tuesday, June 2, 2009

period pain was so 'haven'

hua~!!! waddehek!! im hving an unexpected period pain..... i never feel this kinda pain.. seriously ppl.. i cant walk, sit n stuff.. it is so painful...... so i ask my lil bro to buy me a pain killer.... then i took my hot bottle n i SLEEP!!!!! sorry dear i sleep n i didnt reply ur msg..lolx....

my condition was somtin like this:

Being born a female can literally be a pain. Periods can bring all sorts of problems, but before we indulge in the 'poor me, I hate getting my period' we should feel blessed that it is only the female gender that gets the opportunity to feel another being grow inside her. Now we have given credit to the female body, you can also now complain.With the commencement of periods comes pain, mood swings, at times inconvenience and embarrassment. This on average is now all starting around the age of 12 years of age (and is actually called the 'menarche'). This is a far cry when we compare it to our ancestors who commenced their periods, on average at 16 years of age (100 years ago).

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