Sunday, June 14, 2009

YES challenge!!

hey2 guess what.. i just get back from meeting wit micheal. he is a C.E.O of money tree company.. damn he is so friendly... he gv us lots of tips n knowledge.... game, money even though its a fake money but still i cn feel!! im gonna say tiz..... micheal is a quite crual person but he is damn business minded...... yg xley blah... yg dtg sume skema ke.. it just me fareez and one gurl from ikip college..... ada yg mcm harry potter..... ada yg mcm the GEEK!!! wakakakakkakakakaka... its just like a group of geeks....ayo000... ok2 YES challenge ni is a challange in business... u must fight to win if im not mistaken 20k!!!! lolx.. i want2 but i.. i mean we hv 2 think what kind of business that we hv 2 do within 1 week... we hv 2 send the proposal by this saturday...... hu~~~ yg menjadi tanda tny... kenapa dak2 skema je dtg..... nape xde HOT GUYS N CHICKS?????? xdpt cuci mata OK!


Im The BitchMouthed Person U Dont Wanna Know! said...

haha.. takde hotties? awalnye proposal kena hantar? saturday? u mean this saturday? dia bagi 1 week je? haha.. nak tgk kreativiti kot.. wat la proposal butique.. kamu kan ada bisnes liner dr china tu.. alih2 boleh create market..

Ejan said...

kau nak aku datang ke?
aku bawak jaapar skali!
kami dua hot2 belaka!

chatterboxrockz said...

wakakakak... kpd ejan ... anda sgt bongok!!!!!! perasan howt!!!!

kepada abg.. raseny bab china 2 mcm xley jew... tah la...


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