Saturday, July 16, 2011

ToDay Is The resT

here i am at Scribber (my office) leypak-ing wif other friends.. gossiping, laughing, jumping like nothing to do.... we'r having so much fun here at scribber.. this office is the best place for us to rest, relax n enjoy...(yeah rite) ... well as CSA (customer service agent) aka ground crews we had such a critical time where we have such a limitation of rest, so when we have a gap then we r stright away to scribber... "abg lan sandwich telur satuuuuuuuu!!!!" tu mmg biasa sgt dgr la... we r so hungry but what we cn do ... sandwich is the only food we cn find.. (actually its cheep) here me talking wif my beautiful officers n kunyits (staff)

why we call ourselves kunyit? bcoz .. i dont know... its suddenly happnd. now there are more then 10 of us here at scribber. they are selling foods, perfume,ect.... seronok la kat sini.. well guys im going to leave u guys hope to see u guys after i fin my dgree.... saddddddd!!!! :'(

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