Saturday, January 9, 2010

again i love u

love u in January

how does it feel when this cud happened ??? i just dont understand.... but i really in love wif u.. and i hope this gona b forever.... ur the only precious thing i ever have ... ur the only person that really noe me...understnd me and u noe how to control me... even 100 over men come to me... that person would not be like u... as i told u b4.. u are diffrent.. but i noe i av to take RISK to love u.. i been all my life n i find u... n i think im fall for u... i spent all my time n i just cnt stop thinking of u i think i falling for u syg! i wnt u walk around me!! i need ur shoulder for me to cry wif so lend me ur sholder... i want ur leg to walk wif me... so pls lend me ur leg.. syg u noe me , and u noe how much i love u... trust me .. i really love u... there is no other guy. pls dont make me cry... coz i will cry only on ur shoulder.
i dont want to leave u syg.. im sorry coz im ruin our yesterday's convrsation.... i just doubt! i noe im not spposed to.. its really painful!!! but somehow i wanna noe how u really feel towards me... n yes.. i want to hang out wif u again... u told me that u feel really cmfortable wif me... im fell the same too... u told me u having fun wif me... same goes to me... n thanks coz always be wif me syg....
wif love

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