Friday, January 8, 2010

overnite wif MAHIRA DAHLAN

08 jan 2010

was the day that im waitin for.... to hang out wit one of my besties... she n mira are the only gfs that i guess that noe me well.. take care of me.... always there when i need them.. laugh as i make stupid joke n syg2 i noe u well too we shared everything together even our TOP secrets...
mahira,me n munirah
but yesterday mira xde.. sedih2~she @ melaka... so aira da plak balik ... ape lg.. jempot dier ajak dok kat bilik ku yg berwarna purple ituh... kitorng leypak2 atas katil... n stat la our convrsation... sesi meluahkn perasaan... probs wif friends, love, family n stuf.... ermm kite ni senasebkn syg? tp xpe... if people take us for grnted ke itu ke ini ke.. trust me ape yg kite buat ni sume ikhlas n kite akan dpt ape yg kite nk.. percaya la this is a part of life n we never noe whats hpen next.... bout love life.... pon we are facing the same probs... but u lg taugh la syg.... but do calm and cool taw.. .. u are the most sweetest person i ever met... if xde sape nk syg kamoo... or org buat mcm2... xpe.. just remember me n mira always love u n our love is pure come to our heart!!!!

i really2 love u guys.. sosososososososoo much!!! me love u!!

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