Saturday, January 9, 2010

my lastday here in KL

10 jan 2010

as u guys read my post, i myb not in KL anymore... im feeling so so so sad!! i av to go to CYBERJAYA ... yeah most of ppl said that cyber is not that far from kl.. but i would not always be in KL... coz cuti x menentu.... kandang2 xde cuti.... kadang2 1 hari je... what cuti use for rite??? buat penat je drive pagy... if weekdays lg la i av to face that TRAFFIC!!! the best part is i just found a house for rent yesterday...S.E.M.A.L.A.M and my practical start T.O.M.R.R.O.W ahahaha lmbt? tu la... bnyk obsticle la~!!! itu la ini la... ramai yg marah coz im act like nothing happened but y shud i marah2??? tol x?? let it be... and let it be my lesson for next time!!! to SAUQIE jgn membebel laaaaaaaaaaaa!!! :P ahaha!!! dah settle pon!!
so i wanna say gud bye to everyone... family kuh, kitty2 syg!! siblings , frens... MY ROOM!!! missing evrybody berat je rase aty ni kn... tp redha kn je... just 3 month babeh!! to MISS MAISARAH im so so so sory coz xdpt dtg for ur wedding... im on my prctical miss... sumpah sy nk pg... to MISS HANA im sorry i cnt make it to ur project.. but i will snd my budak2 SIFE ok??

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Anonymous said...

aiyo! u highlight my name?? ahahahah!!


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