Wednesday, April 15, 2009

my promise!!!!

afta awhile ..(xde la awhile sgt quite lama jgk) bile burak2 dgn mai ... baru la sedar yg kite nih da buat sumtin yg quite x masok akal... apew?? xnk bg taw.. sape yg taw.. 2 taw jew la... well what our promise mai??? we will never fall 4 them anymore.. but unless dorng da single....afta that then we can gv them a concdiration la (sgt puyo!) its hrd? not for me... coz im quite hard to giv all my heart to sumone , thats 4 sure... i noe that if kite adew relation pon it will end up wit nothing!!! trust me.... so many thing make me realize and i hope my dear friend oso realize that....... raseny kalo kawan lg bgs kn????? well who says that its easy to trow away this kinda feelin.... but we have 2

reason why we think like that? :
1. kite pk pasal future la.... do you want urself end up wit ... u also dont noe what actually
2. are we so dare to face this pain again and again??
3. ************* (secret)
4. mcm xde lelaki laen kat luar yg ok
5. why we wanna be the 2nd if we actually can be the 1st and only
6. do we dare to hurt other ppl heart

i think its not the time yet for me to think bout love.. eventhough somtimes deep in my heart i really wanna feel what actually love... but i dont think tiz is the rite time 4 me... i will find love so-call CHENTA when i think that im so stable wit my economic and i have a great job or great posotion then... its time 4 me to think!!!! ko nak kawen ke.. nk tunang ke.. apew2 pon afta i'l fulfilling my needs and wants.... but now... i will care n syg my family and oso my friends!!

xpe la kn.... just think positive.... if those relationship doesnt work pon.... remember this!! actually tiz thing la yg make me and u umaira close and understand each other........ noe we noe that we are quite similar u noe me n i also noe u....
BUT!!! we'r QUITE afraid coz deep inside of our heart we still hv that feelin..... kot (sgt ego)
so we're decide that we wanna make a rules that can help and elakan diri ini from duin stupid things and its called

THE KING KONG RULES!!!! act '20+ idk so what'....

but we havent think yet.. just discus just now...

we will update it 2morow!!!

wakakakaka... i feel free n i hope i will enjoy this single mingle life... ! huyah!


Lurvbuds said...

we r stronger than ever..we av to be over-protective of ourselves...that one sweet day will come..if they r not the one for us pon, we wont lose a thing..infact, they were the one that will b sooo rugi..

last bt not least..

long live the family of si comel tumel chubbie tubbie fluffie flubbie cutie sweetie sugar2 honney..!!!!

chatterboxrockz said...

wah~ thiz is my UMAIRAH!!!! yes mai.. i hope we can support each other sampai bile2.. huhuhuhu lop u dear...

btw.. they are so rugy.. coz they lost the cuties and chubby-nes not forgatting the most sexy and ada sex appeal yg hebat!!! (wah! harap xde org laen baca)


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