Friday, April 10, 2009


plz make me happy.
i hate u..
plz take him away from me.
when my tear non stop came out from my eye,
he the one who gonna make me smile
but my heart, i feel so painful
sometimes, songs that came out from the radio,
seriously make my heart fall apart,
when i realize that u not belong 2 me.....
but is this feelin actually L.O.V.E?
that always in my heart but i dont realize?
and from ur smile
i hope that u also miss me !
i dont want to..
pretend that im happy
i dont want to...
to see u smile wit other gurl
whenever i look into ur eyes
i fly~
i fly to the sky
meeting moon with the wonderful smile.
but when u really wanna go out
out from my innocent heart
its feel really painful
but this dilema is so powerful
is this L.O.V.E?
i dont noe if its wrong
but i hate this part,
part where i hv 2 feel this,
feel the heart beat so havy.
im in dilema!!!!
dont noe whether
he love me or not?
is he just care bout me?
he just acpt me as his best pal?
or he just paly wit my heart?
help me....
take him away from me
take me or trow me away,
away from the fantasy that i creat!
wake me up
so i noe i just dreaming
how sweet if we hve a better guy for us as a gurl!!!
adaptsai dari lagu YUNA~~


Ejan said...

jom la ikot aku pi bulan (tgk dlm blog aku)

chatterboxrockz said...

ahakz bole2 then kite kawen larik


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