Thursday, May 21, 2009

exam, exam, exam!

yesterday was my worst exam eva... hell ya i hate e-commerce... coz its so relates wit ISO.... i dont even hv enough time to finish the exam... when mr nizar said u hv another 1/2 an hour... i was like waddehek?? i just started doing sec c n i have 3 essay to go.... i was like... ok fine whatever... 2hours is not enough ok!!!! give me another 1 hour then i will be fine.. lol~! erm.. what i can say now...there is no such thing that i will get A.... if yes...its like a dream come true~ (fly~)

tomorrow i hv an I.S.O (information within the organization) exam.. which i hate the most... coz its so about an IT..! what i can say is.. i dont understdnt anything... i mean not everything but honestly i dont understnd few of 'em..... DIS, MIS, DSS UUSS??? HA whats that?? teleconfrance system? TAH la.... (2la sape swoh x focus) its like so about IT!!!

wonderful friday....i woke up "early" in the mornin n i just grab all my notes.... n im ready to stdy but suddenly i lost my chapter 5 notes...seriously lol (bile nk buat baek je mesti ada yg xkene)!! im looking everywhere.. but its like 'bagai mencari tp x jumpe' <-- what an idiom... lol! nk pinjam kat kwn...... hermmm quite dspointed~!! but what can i do....! thats y im here writting my blog.. coz i dont feel to study rite now..... xde mood!!! for whole this weeks i stressed out... study like hell~!! coz i wanna achive 3.6 in my cgpa...!! huaaa!!! but its seems like it doesnt work at all.... im so stress bout my past paper... i will be satisfy if i acheive my goal!!!
dang baby~ i feel really lost .. ISO...ISO...ISO.......what i think rite now is.. can i cheat? well there are a few of my fren ask me not to but some would say.. come n join our club... ahahahaha..... so angles and demons.....
ok im going 2 stdy now.. wish me luck ok!!!! ISO here i come!!! hu~

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