Saturday, May 23, 2009

if they are not celebrity.. who they suppose to be?

have u ever imagine that ur fav actor/ess or myb singer change their career??? i'v found few of the cute picture at someone's blog.... its so funny..... lets cekedaud our frist celebrity...

harry potter?

dont take it so hard harry.... be a waiter is quite good for u.... just use the magic word... 'wit gardian lavi osa' .. here u drink sir.... lolx

what if arnold become a priest??? huaaa...~ the terminator priest!!!! lolx

from host... david ltterman turn to a prime minister... will he make a joke in everything???

martha steward... she is so famous on martha stward furniture, cooking etc.... but what if martha turn to be a police??? "by the name of the law u r under arrest!!!!.."

" u wont feel boring in prison coz i hv somtin to do wit u....lets cook together" lolx

this is what im scared about... bruce lee .. he seem like he cant be a hair stylish.... owh myb he can.. but not to hard burce.... its hurt!!!! WACHAAAAAA!

NGET2.... this.. who the hell is he.. owh2 mr. smith!!!! he will be thw best cheft ever.... just look at his face ?? happy ?

i like this the most... now i noe who actually inside the barney!!! love barney....... but if he is really inside the barny.... the barney dance should be like.. who0000~!!!!! no more i love u~ u love me~ we are happy family~..

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